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Kazuma Consulting

Kazuma (一真, 和満) ... Japanese for True Harmony

Let’s face it. Information Technology has become increasingly complex. Business practices today are being continually impacted by waves of disruptive and digital technologies of Industries 3.0. 4.0, and now 5.0. On top of that, are the increasing imperatives to implement sustainable IT strategies for net zero, let alone the accountability for privacy and sensitive data in the face of cybersecurity threats, and new paradigms of cyber defence strategies needed to assure business continuity and sustainability.

At Kazuma Consulting Group, our mantra is to help businesses find the equilibrium in new challenges of people, process and technology, within realities of sustainable development, regulatory compliance, cyber security, tightening budget, time and quality constraints – yet, deliver successful outcomes contributing to their core business performance, sustainability, resiliency and profitability.

Our Services

Sustainable IT Strategy and Architecture

Our team of IT professionals have each have more than 30 years experience, fulfilling consulting roles across industry sectors in Banking and Finance, Insurance, Telcos, Utilities, Government,  Higher Education, Transportation and FMCG.

Assignments included development of IT strategy, Enterprise Architecture,  Solutions Architecture and Programme Architecture. We also specialise in current challenges of Data Privacy Architecture and Sustainability-by-Design Architectures to decarbonise IT value streams in cloud computing, software engineering, AI and blockchain technologies.

We adopt recent advances in Business Architecture and Business Sustainability Management to align innovative digital technologies with business strategies.

Sustainable Technology Consulting

We have supported more than 50 clients in their core business transformation, providing expertise ranging from traditional data centre technologies to modernised, green, cloud-based services, as well as disruptive Industries 4.0/5.0 innovations to mitigate business and environment sustainability stresses.

Our expertise include Greenhouse Gas ISO 14064 accounting, compliant disclosure reporting, and providing guidance in sustainable IT practices.

Our engagements have also transitioned into new paradigms of operating models – agile, devops, lean enterprise, and sustainable IT – to help our customers shift from traditional heavy lifting IT to  achieve faster ROIs, reduce waste and achieve higher benchmarks of business and environmental sustainability.

Sustainable Business Development

Looking to grow your technology business overseas? We have a network of technology partners in Australia, NZ, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea and China to accelerate your market presence; with a line of sight on the practice of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in the supply chains of these countries.

Or if it is a proprietary startup, our international expertise can help you expedite your market presence – office set-up, legal and financial compliance, and sourcing of management, sales, and technical talents.

With our insights of technology startups, we also assist in post-administration company restructuring into sustainable IT management and operating models.

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Suite 290, 377 Kent St, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia. Ph: +61 414 026 665